Opened Up - a solo exhibit at Made Again Gallery

August 18 - October 6, 2017

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old Levis - 62x55.5x2

riders on the storm - 41.25x64x2

purple rain - 43x64.75x2

the mothman prophecies - 46x56x2

through the looking glass - 63x43x2

winter is coming - 62x62x2

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Question & Answer

When did you know a career in the art world was for you?

I’ve always been drawn to the arts… first as a singer and actor at a young age. My passion for painting happened completely by surprise for the first time just a few years ago and I instantly knew it was something I was created to do.

Tell us about the mediums you choose to work with and why?

Acrylic on canvas are my mediums. Once I caught the fever to paint it took over my life… and my apartment at the time. I was painting so much buying rolls of canvas made more economic sense and it was easier to store. I was quite prolific so ended up with piles of paintings rolled up everywhere. Also, acrylic paint is odor free and easy to work with so it just made more sense at the time. I look forward to exploring other mediums in the future, but still having lots of fun playing with these.

Can you take us through your process and concept for this show?

“Opened Up” is my first solo show and a bit of a coming out party for me. Painting has fundamentally changed my life and shifted my destiny. I opened myself up and experienced God, the Universe, Source Energy or whatever power you might plug in there… and now I open my heart to share what has come through. So for this show I chose to demonstrate versatility with form and function through complete freedom of expression and inspiration. To accomplish this I allowed each piece to grow organically and tell its’ own story… intending only to open myself up to be a clear channel and allow energy to flow as it wanted. While I used a variety of tools, techniques, movements and layering throughout… freedom connects them all.

How do you deal with creative blocks in your work?

“Blocks” typically happen when I’m overthinking. So when I get in my head too much I do one of two things… I step away and give myself time to care less or I stubbornly paint through a block which typically results in me making a “bad” decision. Either way, I do well to remember that there are no mistakes and remember not to judge. Each layer is just a moment in the greater story of the finished piece.

What would your advice be for someone trying to be successful in a creative career?

Making a living in a creative field takes teamwork so be sure to have solid people around you… both personally and professionally.

What is your favorite part about being an artist in Atlanta?

Atlanta is going through a renaissance on so many levels. Culture, the arts, community development and engagement, innovation, sustainability, business and technology… you name the area and Atlanta is a home for, and attracting creators and innovators. You can feel the energy. So it’s fun to be a part of that conversation in a city on the rise.

How would you spend a perfect day?

There is no perfect day and every day is perfect. But simply being present with people that I love sounds pretty damn nice.

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Made Again is a gallery, showroom, and design center located in the popular Inman Park neighborhood, adjacent to Atlanta’s Eastside Beltline Trail.  The showroom features stunning pieces ranging from furniture, fine art, lighting, textiles, ceramics and jewelry. 

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